5 Web Design Trends to Avoid

Being a designer, you must create first-rate work for your current clientsInternet marketing Egypt. To achieve this, you listen to the needs of these clients and exploration modern design trends into which you’ll infuse an inventive touch. However, caution has to be exhibited when researching the most up-to-date trends.

Often, styles quickly become degraded, caused by creative professionals taking the work of a first few and minimizing it with excessive use. The following tend to be five such overused design trends to stay away from in your layout work.

Flourishes-using stock imagery

Flowing with grace, flourishes are supposed to inspire the female side of thelayout. Unfortunately, they’ve been consequently overly used nowadays that they’ve got to be the design equivalent of a sappy romantic comedy that just won’t finish.

Reflective Objects-pop-ups to view content

When first arrived on the design scene, reflective materials conveyed messages regarding modernity, sleekness along with professionalism. Also visit this article for more information. However, after being employed on everything from soft drink advertisements to the most up-to-date tech gadget promotional, the use regarding reflective objects happens to be anything but modern or original.

5 Web Design Trends to Avoid

Scribble Art

As your scribble art tendency emerged, it made available a playful facet to thegraphic layout. However, it has already been cheapened by incorrect and excessive use and is undoubtedly a trend you must avoid.

Decline Shadows

If utilized effectively drop shadows highlight important layout elements, guiding the eye where you want to buy to go. Even so, many marketingdesigners possess overused this tendency, not understanding how to incorporate properly it into projects. If you need to use drop shadows, do so modestly and accurately.


While it is currently more important than ever before for many corporations to portray green images, this concept is starting to become extremely overused with design projects. Avoid from the excessive use regarding green tones along with such graphics while trees and lawn not good for marketing. If you need to know more you can also checkout this link:http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/design-trends-to-avoid/. Using these elements will simply lump you with designers using concepts that can be no longer impressive.

  • Overused design trends tend to be easy to place.
  • They begin as the original ideas regarding innovative, creative professionals after which it begin appearing with countless niches, ripped off by other not-so-original makers.
  • Before incorporating any design concept into the following project, research precisely how common that idea is.
  • This research will preserve your company reputation and will avoid you seeing as generic to be able to clients.

If you are displaying social websites icons on your site, use the standardized search for those as nicely. The social media sites marketinghave branding guidelines so you can be sure to include the proper one as part of your design. For case, Facebook’s icon is usually a lowercase f that has a blue background. Creating your own with an uppercase F that is pink could ensure it is hard for your users to understand the branding. Twitter and Tumblr both utilize a lowercase t, so finding the correct color and finding the period after your t for Tumbler can be important for brand name recognition hence choose Internet marketing Egypt.

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