Internet Marketing 101 – Why Email Campaigns Fail

Online marketing has become increasingly popular and widely used in the recent years; it is only now that we are seeing a boom in the industry. And as part of how it can be done, email marketing has also become a very popular approach. It’s a lead generator and can generate much revenue, what else can we say? Still, one question presents itself: why does it fail? If it’s so popular and widely used, and known for being able to generate leads as well as revenue, then why does it still not work all the time?

The answer to such a question lies within the way email marketing is done, as with how all other internet marketing plans crumble to the ground before they are even set into motion by the respective companies that want to carry them out. So, why does email marketing fail at times? Let’s start by saying that email marketing is not cold calling!

Email marketing isn’t cold calling? What do you mean?

Well, when we say this, we mean that how email marketing can be done can be compared to some aspects of cold calling, some of which should be avoided. Let’s take a look at a few points to help set the example at

“Hello random person, this email is about…”

Cold calling isn’t called cold calling just because the approach needed a fancy name. It is called as such because the recipient of the call has no idea whatsoever that he/she would be contacted. How does this apply to emails? Well, how do you feel about receiving random emails from random people? And worse, some of these senders are quick to drop prices and sell you stuff! It doesn’t give off a pleasant feeling, does it? If you’ve received a random call from a telemarketer, then you’ll know how this exactly feels. So consider who you’re sending your emails to before you press send; make sure you at least know your recipients.

I don’t know who you are. Why would I want to do business with you?
In relation to the point above, you can’t expect such a warm reply, or any response at all, from sending your emails to people who don’t know you. Sure, you’re sending them an email with a business proposal, but what’s going through their minds is “oh, it’s just another person I don’t know, or maybe a marketer”. As such, you need to understand that your recipients will most likely not want to have anything to do with you or your business because of the personal reason that they don’t know who you are and what your company is really about.

internet marketing

Many people have fallen prey to scams in the past, so we can’t blame our prospects for being a bit uptight about things like these. And similar to cold calling, talking to someone you don’t know on the phone and telling them that you have a business proposal isn’t really going to work. As such, the same can be applied to email marketing.

Even if email marketing is so popular, we can’t expect it to work for our businesses if we don’t even know how to do it right. So how should you do this form of online marketing? Well, definitely not like how cold calling is done! Be social and know your recipients and prospects before you start sending emails flying left and right; take some time to get to know the people you want to be working with.follow their comment for more details.

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